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Promoting Health and Wholeness

Because we care about the well being of all people, health is a major focus of the work of The United Methodist Church. Together, we combat diseases of poverty such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis; we provide health education, advocacy and infrastructure; and we continue our more than 160-year history of being a key provider of healthcare through the hospitals, clinics and mission centers we have operated across Africa. Now the church has a goal to reach 1 million children with lifesaving and health-promoting measures by 2020.

Latest News

Making medical care more affordable in Congo

United Methodist hospitals start savings and credit institutions to help country’s most vulnerable pay for medical treatment, get regular care.

Ebola training well received in Congo

Megan Klingler with the United Methodist Board Global Ministries’ Global Health unit said she is pleased with the progress made during her three-week visit.

Church helps remote villagers fight malaria

Bishop Gabriel Yemba Unda says United Methodists are committed to providing well-equipped medical buildings for rural people in eastern Congo.

Meet Our Team

Together, we fight diseases of poverty such as malaria, HIV / AIDS and tuberculosis; we provide health education, advocacy and infrastructure.

Dr. Damas Lushima

Lushima is the General Coordinator of the Department of Health in Congo East.

Phone : +243(0)819204556

Mail : lushimadamas@eastcongoumc.org  lushimadamas@gmail.com

Dr. Marie-Claire Diandja Manafundu

Dr. Frédéric Yemba



Promoting Health and Wholeness

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